Inbound Marketing Could be The Right Tool for SMEs in Global Pandemic

Sam Woodgate

Inbound marketing is specified as a kind of outreach, in which the objective is to attract purchasers who are new to the brand name, with the help of interacting, useful and value added material, rested on the stage of shopping journey.

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Any channel that attracts unknown buyers in a way that they check your products and services, rather than you chasing them individually is an inbound marketing technique.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a medium of inbound marketing. Digital Marketer from explained that in the year 2020 the Malaysians are extremely anxious about Coronavirus, with top areas of concern being family health, personal health, job stability, the overall economy and spreading the virus to others.

Because of this, SEO becomes crucial for a business to stay alive throughout this challenging time. Search Engine Optimization is easily the biggest source of traffic for any online business. For example, if you manage a pet products store and someone does a Google search for the keywords “dog food”, then you definitely want to show up first in the Google search results, because the vast majority of clicks go to the top 3 or 4 Google search listings.

This inbound marketing tactic can be launched any time you want but takes real expertise and an investment of effort to make work. This is the reason most organisations in Malaysia that interested in SEO will choose to engage a reliable internet marketing company to take care of this element of their business on their behalf. Beware that a serious SEO requires planning on content optimization, website audit, backlink acquisition and great customer communication.

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