4 Reasons Why Your Business Need Faster Broadband

Sam Woodgate

Base on an international content delivery network provider, Akamai, Malaysia’s standard Internet connection speed is the 10th fastest in Asia-Pacific in 2017, with a normal internet speed for fixed broadband at 78.03 megabits per second (Mbit/s) as of early 2020.

With the world continually changing and improving, companies should utilize on the improving Web connection speed to increase profits, consumers’ complete satisfaction and also staff members’ work productivity.

As a growing number of workers bring their Internet-linked gadgets to work, it will take in a limited bandwidth. Below are 4 reasons your company should opt for a faster internet connection, and how it will be rewarding for your company.

Leverage on Cloud Networking

By taking advantage of cloud networking, resources can be shared effectively to support the internet traffic and the high volume of data transfer.

This will decrease the time required to host a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process, which will lead to a positive user experience.

Over the years, cloud-hosted applications have actually been increasing by leaps and folds. Hence, for a company to preserve its effectiveness, it is necessary to get a fast Internet connection.

Data Security

Fast Web connection will empower businesses to completely backup the data and info available, preventing data loss due to equipment failure or theft.

With a greater Web connection speed, it will have the ability to support the level of data backed up, which is constantly expanding. In the case where data is being backed up using a slow Web connection, it might result in information loss and other problems.

Furthermore, the back up may not be able to be carried out even if it was scheduled to be done overnight.

Video Conferencing

One method to increase efficiency while lowering expenses is to use video conferencing. This lowers the cost of transportation while saving the time required to take a trip, which can be used to participate in more efficient work. In order to ensure a smooth video conferencing, businesses will need to make sure that they have the best facility, which is a fast and trusted Internet connection.

It is essential that the business invests in a fast Web connection as live video communication needs greater bandwidth, which can only be fulfilled by quick Web connection speed. If a service does not have a quick and trusted internet connection, it might result in a negative conference experience for the client, and they might turn to your rivals to work with them instead.

Heavy Weighted Emails & Websites

As reported by a study by Microsoft, human now only have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is a sharp reduction from 12 seconds in 2000. To get people’s attention, e-mails and websites are ending up being more visual, and infographics are used regularly nowadays.

With more visuals, it will mean that the emails and sites are ‘much heavier’, hence needing more bandwidth to see them, in order to avoid long loading time. For that reason, with a greater Internet connection speed, it will suggest that your workers will be able to get more done in the same amount of time as the loading time will decrease dramatically.

Apply for TIME Internet in Malaysia

All in all, by obtaining a fast and dependable Web connection will certainly be adding worth to your business, and it will increase efficiency, clients’ complete satisfaction and also enhance the users experience on your site.

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