Do Men Like Curvy Women? Here’s the Answer

Sam Woodgate
curvy women

Following the findings of a recent University of Texas research, it has been shown that males have a strong preference for women who have a prominent back-to-buttock curve.

Men strongly preferred women with a back-to-buttock curve of 45.5 degrees, according to the findings of a study in which they asked around 100 men to rate the attractiveness of images of various females. The researchers described this as a “theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature,” and they concluded that men strongly preferred women with a back-to-buttock curve of 45.5 degrees. 

These researchers hypothesised that curvy women were more likely to have successful pregnancies if they were approached from an unusual position in ancient times.

“This spinal arrangement would have allowed pregnant women to balance their weight over their hips,” said David Lewis, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to being more competent foragers during pregnancy, these curvy women were also less likely to incur spinal injuries. The result would have been that males who liked these curvy women would have had partners who were better equipped to care for pregnancy and progeny, and who were also capable of carrying numerous pregnancies without damage.”

Researchers ran a second experiment to rule out the possibility that the preference for spinal curvature was related to the size of the buttocks rather than the angle of the spinal curvature itself. However, they observed that males consistently expressed a preference for women who had spinal-curvature angles that were closer to the optimal, even though the women had smaller buttocks than the men.

According to Lewis, “Beauty is not wholly random, or ‘in the eyes of the beholder,’ as many in mainstream social science thought, but rather follows a coherent adaptive logic.”

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